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The Swappie Story

Welcome to the Number 1 online destination in Europe for buying and selling refurbished iPhones

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Driving Circularity: Our Impact To The World

Did you know that smartphones are one of the fastest-growing streams of e-waste globally? This is particularly interesting when you think about the fact that technology actually has a very long expiry date – one item could have up to 4 different owners in its lifetime!

That’s why circularity is at the core of our business model. By extending the lifespan of each device that we sell, we’re helping protect the planet - one refurbished phone at a time.

Read our Environmental Impact Report to find out how we’re staying at the forefront of developing a circular economy.

23,550tons of CO2e

Saved by our customers, with Swappie’s help

by 2024

We plan to reuse 100% of functional smartphone parts

100%renewable electricity sources

Our goal by 2024