How to take a screenshot on an iPhone: Guide for different iPhone models

One important built-in feature of any smartphone is taking screenshots, whether you want a capture an odd technical bug, a funny picture on social media or something completely different. With Apple’s iPhones, taking screenshots can be confusing at times, especially if you have just upgraded your iPhone to a newer model.

How to turn off Find My iPhone?: 2 easy methods

The Find My iPhone feature is a great way to prevent your iPhone from getting lost or being stolen as it allows you to locate and lock your iPhone, even if you don’t have it with you. For example, when Find My iPhone is activated, you can see the location of your device on a map. You can even use it to share your location with others or p...

What iPhone do I have?: Find your iPhone model, model number and operating system

Are you confused about the model or operating system of your Apple smartphone? If so, then you are not alone. The specifics of your smartphone can be easy to forget, whether it is the exact model you are using or the current operating system your iPhone is running on – not to mention the model number.

How to turn off iPhone 11

If you are having trouble turning off your iPhone 11 – or any other new iPhone for that matter – you are not not alone. When Apple released the iPhone X, they also got rid of the iconic and much beloved home button. The space once occupied by the home button has made way to more screen that now covers more or less the entire f...

How to restart your iPhone: Fix your frozen or unresponsive iPhone

One reliable piece of wisdom for fixing technical difficulties with computers, smartphones and most other devices is to turn it off and on again – also known as rebooting. This applies to your Apple smartphone as well. If you are experiencing issues with your iPhone it is a good idea to try rebooting it.

How to remove the SIM card from your iPhone

To use your iPhone – or any mobile device – to make phone calls and send text messages in the local phone network, you’re going to need a SIM card. You’ll also need to change the SIM card when changing to a new service provider for your phone. 

How to record your screen on an iPhone: 3 easy steps for screen recording

Have you ever wanted to record the screen of your iPhone? In order to do this, you might be tempted to start downloading sketchy third-party apps that require access to your phone’s screen and settings. 

How to factory reset an iPhone without a password: 2 methods for resetting your iPhone

There are a number of reasons why you might want to factory reset your iPhone. With factory reset, we refer to bringing your iPhone back to its original factory settings. In other words, factory resetting means wiping your iPhone completely, leaving nothing behind.

How to delete all photos from your iPhone: Easy guide for removing and recovering your photos

Most enthusiastic mobile photographers have probably encountered a well-known issue when snapping pictures with their smartphone: there are too many photos. If you’re running out of space for more photos on your iPhone or perhaps you want to get rid of everything on your phone’s memory, we’re going to help you with this guide.

How to factory reset an iPhone: 3 easy steps

You might run into problems with your iPhone every now and then. Maybe your iPhone slows down unexpectedly or things just aren’t working the way they should. On these occasions the first option is usually to follow the old and trusty advice: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”. This is better known as a soft reset.