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Best deals of spring! Right now extra low prices on many iPhone models

What is Swappie’s iPhone trade-in?

Are you looking to buy an Apple iPhone to replace your older model? If so, you have come to the right place. At Swappie, you can trade in your old Apple iPhone to pay for a newer iPhone model. That way you can both recycle your used iPhone to give it a new life and save some money when buying a new one.

At Swappie, we offer a variety of used and professionally refurbished iPhones. Our reliable and fully functional refurbished iPhones have been sold to us by their previous owners and then meticulously repaired to be sold forward. Read more about how Swappie’s iPhone trade-in service works and how you too can put your old iPhone to good use.

How to trade in your old Apple iPhone

When buying a refurbished Apple iPhone from Swappie, you can select the phone’s model, colour, storage capacity and condition. After you have settled on the iPhone model of your liking and chosen the right colour, storage size and condition, you may choose to trade in your old iPhone as well. Here’s how it works:

1. Estimate your iPhone’s trade-in value

When choosing to trade in your old and used iPhone, you need to answer a few questions to estimate the iPhone’s trade-in value. The following things affect how much your iPhone is worth:

  • iPhone model
  • Storage capacity
  • Whether or not the phone functions normally
  • Is the display in good shape or are there cracks or coloured spots on it
  • Is there any damage to the phone’s screen and body
  • Is the phone’s camera lens and back glass in good shape
  • Is the phone bent or curved
  • Have you dropped the phone in water

Estimate these things and answer truthfully to the questions to estimate the iPhone’s trade-in value. The estimated value of your old iPhone is reimbursed after the device has been inspected and your estimate is approved.

2. Prepare your old iPhone for trade-in

After buying a refurbished iPhone from us, we will send you a trade-in kit that is used to send your old model for inspection. In our iPhone trade-in kit, you will find a shipping label to be used when shipping the phone as well as a secure package that keeps your device from getting damaged. The trade-in kit does not cost anything and shipping your old Apple iPhone to us is completely free. Before shipping us your phone, check how to clear an iPhone to sell it.

3. Ship your iPhone to Swappie

You have 14 days to ship us your old iPhone. After we have received your iPhone, Swappie’s professional technicians will closely inspect your device and check that its condition is as you stated. In case our inspection of your iPhone’s condition does not match your estimate, we will send you an email with instructions. You will also get a new, updated offer of the iPhone’s trade-in value. In case you are happy with the new offer, you can proceed to sell us your phone. If not, we will send your old iPhone back free of charge.

What are the benefits of Swappie’s iPhone Trade-In?

There are many benefits to Swappie’s iPhone Trade-In service. Most importantly, these are price, convenience and sustainability.

Save money

By selling your old and used Apple iPhone to Swappie when buying a new refurbished one, you can save hundreds of euros. Your savings are even greater when buying a refurbished iPhone rather than a brand new one. 

Better for the environment

Did you know that the manufacturing of a smartphone causes up to 90% of its annual carbon footprint? On top of that, about 70% of the materials in a modern smartphone can be recycled. By recycling your old iPhone and buying a refurbished device to replace it, you are helping us in our mission towards a greener world.

Sell your old iPhone and buy a new one in the same place

Instead of going from one place to another to first sell and then buy an iPhone, why not do it all in the same place? Swappie’s iPhone Trade-In is a more convenient way to recycle your old iPhone and buy a replacement.

Easy price estimate for the trade-in

Estimating the price of your old Apple iPhone is done online. Select the iPhone model you are looking to sell and answer just a few questions to receive an estimate of your phone’s trade-in value. 

Free shipping

We cover the shipping costs, so all you have to do is send your iPhone to us using the free trade-in kit. If we need to return your iPhone to you, this does not cost you anything either.

Warranty and right-to-return

Refurbished iPhones bought from Swappie are covered with our 12-month warranty and a 14-day right to return.

Trade in your old Apple iPhone at Swappie!

When you are looking to trade in your old Apple iPhone, check out Swappie.com. You can find all iPhone models we are currently selling on our website. Check out Swappie’s refurbished iPhones on sale
If you only want to sell an old, used or even slightly broken iPhone, make sure to visit our Sell Your iPhone -page as well. There you can find an up-to-date list of iPhone models we currently take in.

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