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How to sell your iPhone online

You might have heard of different services that offer to buy old iPhones and other used smartphones – and they are even willing to pay money for your old device. However, what to do if there are no such services where you live? Or maybe you don’t want to go through the hassle of going to a physical store and having your old phone first ev...

Sell my iPhone: How to sell your iPhone

he process of selling your old Apple iPhone has been made as simple as possible. The price we pay for your iPhone depends on how good of a condition you have kept it in and what kind of an Apple smartphone it is. We here at Swappie have made iPhone recycling as easy as it gets. The best thing is that you can buy a newer refurbished iPhone...

What is Swappie’s iPhone trade-in?

At Swappie, we offer a variety of used and professionally refurbished iPhones. Our reliable and fully functional refurbished iPhones have been sold to us by their previous owners and then meticulously repaired to be sold forward. Read more about how Swappie’s iPhone trade-in service works and how you too can put your old iPhone to good us...

How to sell an old iPhone?

Depending on the model and condition of your old phone, you can sell it for a good price. For example, an old iPhone 11 Pro Max with little to no visible damage is more valuable than an even older and battered iPhone XS. Read more and learn how to sell old iPhone -devices to Swappie.

Can you sell a broken phone?

In case you are unfortunate enough to have a broken iPhone, don’t worry. We here at Swappie might be able to help. Although a broken iPhone is worth less than an older model that is still in reasonably good condition, it is worth checking how much you can get for a broken phone. So before throwing away your broken phone and contributing t...

How to clear an iPhone to sell?

There are some things you can do to make sure that your iPhone is truly empty and clear of your information. There are also some things on your phone that you might want to save. Consider doing at least these things when selling your iPhone.

How do I sell my phone?

We here at Swappie are more than happy to buy your old Apple iPhone. Swappie is a trusted and professional reseller of old and used iPhones. After buying your mobile phone, we inspect and refurbish it to be sold forward. That way your old iPhone will get a new home and you can get some money to be put towards buying a new one. If you are ...

How much is my iPhone worth?

The process of checking the value of your iPhone is not as hard as you might think – at least with Swappie where both sending your old iPhone and getting paid for it is fast and easy.

Every day is Earth Day

Earth Day is the one time of the year everybody focuses on taking sustainable actions to help the environment. But as global citizens, wouldn't it be even nicer if we took care of the planet daily. That is what we do at Swappie!