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We will reach out to you within 2 business days of requesting your quote. If you are not looking to sell business phones, please visit the consumer contact form.

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This form is for Swappie's business customers. If you want to sell your personal phone to Swappie, go to our consumer buyback site instead.

How to sell your devices to Swappie

1. Tell us what you want to sell using the form

We buy iPhones including broken and damaged units.

2. Get an offer from us and confirm it

We offer market-leading buyback prices due to our unique end-to-end business model with minimum number of middlemen in the value chain.

3. Receive a free shipping label

We will send you a free shipping label by e-mail after filling in your details. Shipping is free of cost.

4. Payment will be made within 1-4 days

Our professional technicians will inspect your phones’ condition and erase all the data with 100% certainty. We will pay you quickly and directly within 1-4 days after we have received your phones and payment information.