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Educate, Recycle, Repeat: Swappie’s Guide to Promote Circular Living

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, Swappie, Europe’s largest iPhone refurbisher and leading advocate for sustainable tech consumption, is empowering individuals to make eco-conscious choices for a greener future. With the aftermath of Black Friday and the festive season, tech enthusiasts often find themselves grappling with “tech bloat” – a surge in electronic devices, especially smartphones, that can lead to environmental repercussions. 

In 2024, Swappie addresses this concern head-on by introducing a comprehensive guide, encouraging everyone to adopt greener habits that extend beyond New Year’s resolution and emphasising the need for conscious choices in handling e-waste and embracing circularity.

Embracing Circular Living: Swappie’s Vision for Sustainability

At the forefront of Swappie’s mission is the promotion of refurbished technology. The company believes in making refurbishment mainstream, reducing electronic waste, and fostering a circular economy. A smartphone’s manufacturing process is responsible for at least 80% of its carbon footprint, resulting in an estimated 80kg of CO2 emissions per device. With an annual production exceeding one billion units, these emissions become highly significant. Even after manufacturing, the environmental impact persists1. Packaging and shipping contribute an additional 2kg of CO2 per smartphone. Once in the hands of users, ongoing power consumption and charging further add to its carbon footprint. Unfortunately, less than 15% of smartphones undergo recycling, leading the majority to end up in landfills2.

Refurbished devices not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also provide consumers with high-quality, cost-effective alternatives to new gadgets. Choosing refurbished devices aligns with the principles of the circular economy. Swappie emphasises the importance of extending the life cycle of electronic devices by refurbishing and reselling them – as the carbon footprint3 of a Swappie refurbished smartphone is 78% less than that of a new smartphone4.

Disposing of Old Smartphones Responsibly with Swappie

One significant stride toward sustainability is the proper disposal of old smartphones. Swappie encourages users to sell their devices, even damaged ones, providing a financial incentive while simultaneously contributing to e-waste reduction. By refurbishing and reselling these devices, Swappie ensures they enjoy a second life, reducing the need for new production and decreasing carbon footprints.

Sustainable Living Beyond Devices

Swappie extends its advocacy beyond smartphones, urging individuals to adopt sustainable practices in various aspects of their lives. From conscious consumption to reducing waste, the guide emphasises the importance of repairing, reusing, and recycling to minimise the ecological footprint.

Choosing a Repair Culture: Paving the Way for Sustainable Tech Practices

Up to 80% of a smartphone is recyclable, with as much as 98% of gold, copper, cobalt, and tin being recoverable. Additionally, most rare-earth elements5 in phones can be reused. In the quest for a sustainable future, embracing a repair culture emerges as a pivotal choice in curbing the environmental impact of electronic devices. Swappie encourages individuals to shift their mindset from a disposable attitude toward electronics to one centred around repairability.
The essence of a repair culture lies in prolonging the lifespan of electronic devices. By opting for repairs over replacements, consumers contribute to reducing electronic waste. Repairing minor issues, such as screen damage or battery depletion, allows devices to serve their purpose for an extended period, minimising the need for new production and lowering the overall environmental footprint.

Join Swappie’s Green Revolution

As we venture into 2024, Swappie invites everyone to join the green revolution. By choosing refurbished technology, responsibly disposing of old devices, and embracing a circular lifestyle, individuals can play a pivotal role in building a sustainable future. Swappie remains dedicated to making eco-friendly living accessible, proving that every small action contributes to a more significant positive impact on the planet.

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About Swappie

Swappie, Europe’s largest iPhone refurbisher, is the leading end-to-end online destination for selling and buying refurbished smartphones. Its mission is to give people a way to upgrade their phones that is high quality, affordable and environmentally-friendly. Swappie currently operates across Europe, including, Finland, Sweden, Italy and Germany. The company grew in 2022 with sales of €208M, and since its inception in August 2016, Swappie has become one of the most innovative and fast-growing companies in Europe, expanding its team to over 750 and raising $171M (€149M) from investors to date.

For more information visit: www.swappie.com 

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